Remix is our student ministry 7th-12th grade. Remix is such an amazing way to connect with God and grow in relationships with other kids who have the same goals as you. "God has called us to do two things- know Him, and make Him known." Remix is a safe place for kids that have a passion about God. From the minute you walk in the doors you feel at home. You always know that everyone around you is your family and that they are there for you. Join us on Wednesday nights. Doors open at 6:00 pm, food will be available! You will experience student-lead worship. followed by an engaging, relevant life-based lesson from our youth pastors. Remix wraps up around 8:15 each Wednesday night. We cannot wait to see you there!

Student Testimonial: "I've never been around a youth group as friendly and fun as this one. The amount of work that these teens do to reach out to others is seriously the most wonderful thing I've ever seen. All of the youth group leaders and teens put such an immense amount of effort into changing lives. We have witnessed people turn their lives around because God brought them to remix. It turned my life around as well. The people in Remix can truly impact lives in more ways than you'd think possible. This group is so dedicated to God. They want to lead people to Him and put them on the right path. Remix is exceedingly compassionate about all of the work they do for God. Everyone at remix has a goal to make a difference and be the 67th. There is so much love and support in this group. The atmosphere when you walk into remix literally radiates positivity- and that's an understatement. Never have I gotten so much joy from a group of people. Remix is a place you can go after a really rough day, and turn it all around the minute you walk through the doors. It is a happy place for people who need it. Its a place to worship God and come together to recognize all He does for us. Remix is a place to change and better ourselves- along with everyone around us. Remix is a family that desires to help everyone grow in their relationship with Christ. Remix is a blessing from God."

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Ryan Davenport
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