About Re:new

Re:new was founded on the God given dream to build a community that people yearn to be a part of…not just attend weekly services or come to church events. Instead, our desire is for people to experience God in a dramatic and powerful way. We encourage this through awe-inspiring worship, powerful Spirit driven prayers, and authentic biblical teaching that people will actually remember and apply to their life, to grow throughout the week.

Our goal is to get out of the church building and touch a community in such a dramatic way that if anything ever happened to us, the community would miss us. We want to be the first ones people call when there is a crisis because they know that our reputation is to be a group of people who will react and do something about it.

We want to be the ones people call when they need hope because they know we will meet them right where they are, love them, and lead them to where they need to be. We don’t leave our problems and baggage at the door of this church - come as you are - healing begins inside. We want to be known as a Grace-Filled, Second-Chance Church.

Simply put….we want to serve and love our community, not just in words, but in our actions. Through service and genuine love, we desire to draw people together and introduce them to the only One who can really transform a community. This is our DNA. This is who we are, who we will become, and who we yearn to be more and more.